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How to tie a bowtie


How to tie a bow tie / 23 ways to tie a bow tie, black edition 蝶ネクタイの結び方 23通り 黒繻子版
How to tie a bow tie / 23 ways to tie a bow tie, color edition 蝶ネクタイの結び方 23通り 色柄版

The generally known the way to tying a bow tie is the so-called
“Basic-bow-knot", but it is merely one of the ways of tying a bow tie. From the latter half of the 20th century, the neckwear tying-culture have been in decline because many manufacturers have prioritized producing efficient and easy self-tie bow tie. 

We have studied the history of neckwear and redesigned the original bow tie patterns that adapts to various tying knots. As a result, we have made it possible to propose more than 20 ways to tie. These tying methods includes "methods dating from over 100 years ago", "same method with the Four-in-hand tie or Ascot tie" and " our original ideas".

These various ways of tying are adapted to the Authentic series and Tradiative series bow ties. Depending on the shape of designs or the fabric material used, some knots are impossible to realize. 
There is no set rule on how to tie a bow tie. Our ideas are just a sample of what can be done with a bow tie. We hope that you will develop your own style by pursuing new ways on how to tie your bow ties.
Each part links to details.


BOWTIE SPECIMENSでは「手結び蝶ネクタイ」を含めたネックウェアの歴史を研究し、本来の色んな結び方に対応し得る、蝶ネクタイのシルエットを再構築しました。その結果、「100年以上前からある結び方」や、「ネクタイやアスコットタイと共通の結び方」、「ブランド独自に考案した結び方」など、20種類以上結び方を提案するに至りました。






How to tie a bow tie / Knots 23 ways list 蝶ネクタイの結び方 23通り
      ホー ム                        コンセプト                  作り結び蝶タイ              手結び蝶タイ                インスタ                      ショップ                     問い合わせ                      サイトマップ
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