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Self tie bowtie Square-end

手結び​式 蝶ネクタイ スクエアエンド形

Square end of Self-tie bow tie is one of the shapes popularized mainly in the Europe and America in the late nineteenth century. Like the designs of the eyeglass frame, the impression will change even if the bow tie end-width differed by only 0.5 cm. We propose Square end 2.5cm, 4cm and 5cm width type. 


Square End 2.5cm width

The narrow Square end design can be confirmed in the photographs of the formal style of the American gentleman between the 1880 and 1890's. Also, since the 1930's, it gained popularity with the nickname of Club-Bow and they seem to have been mainly produced as Pre-tied bow tie. 

Recently, in the movie "Harry Potter series | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", the hero tied a similar bow tie, and it was appealing a stylish and smart neck fashion.

スクエアエンド 2.5センチ幅

細い幅のスクエア形のデザインは、1880~1890年代のアメリカ紳士のフォーマルなスタイルの肖像写真などで確認できます。また1930年頃からは「クラブボウ(Club Bow)」の愛称で「作り結びタイプ」を中心に普及していったようです。



Square End 4cm width

This is a typical silhouette commonly seen in Self-tie bow ties since the late nineteenth century. The texture of the wing-parts with moderate spreading reminds us of image of the gentleman of the time. Combination with a modern suit of our generation can be a creative style.

スクエアエンド 4センチ幅


Square End 5cm width

This type has elements of Cravat and Stock-Tie from around the 1850s which is the ancestor of bow ties. It is masculine, with breadth and thickness, and is characterized by its ability to express rugged knots. In order to tie a wide bow tie, higher skill is necessary.

スクエアエンド 5センチ幅


      ホー ム                        コンセプト                  作り結び蝶タイ              手結び蝶タイ                インスタ                      ショップ                     問い合わせ                      サイトマップ
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