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Pre-tied bowtie Pointed-end

作り結び蝶ネクタイ ポインテッドエンド形

Design-pattern  Western Pointed ウエスタン・ポインテッド

End-shape  Pointed End     Type  Pre-Tied Bowtie

​Finished-Size  height:about 16- 16.5cm     length:about 9.5cm

ウエスタン,ポインテッド,エンド,蝶ネクタイ,ボウタイ,ブランド,標本,通販,bow tie,specimens,types,brand,japan

Historical record, Fashion ------

The "Western Square End" is also called "Western String Tie", "Western Ribbon Tie", or the "Plantation Tie". The word “plantation” in this case signifies the plantation owners of the early 1800s in the American south.


There seems to be various opinions about the origin of this tie, but the point that it originated in the American continent seems to be common. 


Also, although the "Western Pointed End" bow tie is relatively rare, vintage items from around 1940s - 60s are still sold in the US web market along with other shaped Western bow ties.


The "Western bow tie" shape can be used when tying soft clothing materials like String and Ribbon to the neck. Besides the Pointed end, there is a Square end and Oblique end, and there are various lengths of the dropped tip parts.

 ⇒Western Oblique End
Western pointed-end,ウエスタン ポインテッドエンド

歴史・流行 --------






      ホー ム                        コンセプト                  作り結び蝶タイ              手結び蝶タイ                インスタ                      ショップ                     問い合わせ                      サイトマップ
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