Pre-Tied BowTie  Square End

Design-pattern  Small Butterfly スモール・バタフライ

End-shape  Square End     Type  Pre-Tied Bowtie

​Finished-Size  height:about 5.5cm   length:about 9cm

small,butterfly,スモール,バタフライ,蝶ネクタイ,種類,ブランド,bow tie,history,pattern

Historical record, Fashion ------

The "Small Butterfly" or "Mini Butterfly" bow tie is smaller than the "Standard Butterfly". It can often be found in the historical photos of the United States in the 1890s and European/American photos until the 1920's.


The "Small Butterfly" fits well within the horizontal length of the shirt collar when viewed from the front.  Because it gives a unique impression compared to the normal size "Standard Butterfly", it is easy to match not only suit style but also casual style.

歴史・流行 --------




small,butterfly,スモール,バタフライ,蝶ネクタイ,種類,ブランド,bow tie,history,pattern
small,butterfly,スモール,バタフライ,蝶ネクタイ,種類,ブランド,bow tie,history,pattern
Metropolitan Museum(US).jpg

Metropolitan Museum(US)

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