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作り結び蝶ネクタイ ミックス形

Pre-tied bowtie Mixed-shapes

Design-pattern  Pointed End and Butterfly ポインテッド&バタフライ

End-shape  Mixed Shapes     Type  Pre-Tied Bowtie

​Finished-Size  height:about 6cm     length:about 11.5cm

ポインテッド,バタフライ,蝶ネクタイ,ボウタイ,ブランド,標本,通販,bow tie,specimens,types,brand,japan

Historical record, Fashion ------

The "Pointed End and Butterfly" is a combination of two differently shaped bow ties. There is another version where the front/rear positions of the Pointed end and Butterfly are opposite. You can also call it "Pointed End and Square end".


In the history of bow ties, we can confirm that it already existed around 1900. Also, it is being produced all over the world even today. There are producers and sellers who would call any bow tie a "Pointed end" if the tip is sharp.


By the way, today, the majority of the pre-tied bow ties pointed ends designs are produced in Z-fold type rather than double type to make it appear like a self-tie bow tie.

歴史・流行 --------






Pointed-end & butterfly,ポインテッド&バタフライ

Metropolitan Museum(US)

蝶ネクタイ,ボウタイ,ブランド,標本,通販,bow tie,specimens,types,brand,japan


      ホー ム                        コンセプト                  作り結び蝶タイ              手結び蝶タイ                インスタ                      ショップ                     問い合わせ                      サイトマップ
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