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Pre-tied bowtie Unique-shapes

作り結び蝶ネクタイ ユニーク形

Design-pattern  Arrow Frathers Shape アローフェザーズ(矢羽根)形

End-shape  Other Shapes     Type  Pre-Tied Bowtie


​[Z-fold type]  height:about 6cm     length:about 12cm

[Double type]  height:about 7cm     length:about 11cm

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Historical record, Fashion ------

The "Arrow Feathers Shape" is an original bow tie design created by our brand. There are self-tie bow ties and pre-tied bow ties, and within the pre-tied bow tie, there are Z-fold type and double type.

In addition to enjoying the style of historical neckwear, we are also placing a high value on creating new designs that change with the times.

歴史・流行 --------




Arrow-feathers shape,アローフェザーズシェイプ,矢羽根形
      ホー ム                        コンセプト                  作り結び蝶タイ              手結び蝶タイ                インスタ                      ショップ                     問い合わせ                      サイトマップ
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