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Pre-tied bowtie Square-end

作り結び蝶ネクタイ スクエアエンド形

Standard butterfly,スタンダード バタフライ

■Bowtie-pattern name  

 Standard butterfly 


■End-shape category




  Pre-tied bowtie






 スタンダード バタフライ










 縦 5cm

 横 11.5~12.5cm

Historical record, Fashion ------
Currently, the "Standard butterfly" is the bow tie that is most commonly produced and used in the world. It is used not only as personal fashion and style, but also as a professional uniform for staff working in hotels and restaurants all over the world.
It is the shape of this bow tie that many people image with a balance of about 5 x 11.5 cm in size. Especially since the 1980s, the tendency of bow tie to be seen as a formal item became stronger, and this may be the reason why new designs are no longer actively produced.

By the way, the English word “bow” has several meanings such as the front part of a ship, a weapon for shooting arrows, a bow for musical instruments, or a knot with loops. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the definition as a looped knot seems to have existed long before the 1850s when the bow ties became popular. 
However, when the bow tie became popular during the Meiji era in Japan, it was translated into Japanese as “butterfly (shaped) tie”. Therefore, some people may wonder why bow ties are called this way in English instead of “Butterfly ties”. In fact, the “Butterfly” is one of the many shapes of bow ties. 

歴史・流行 ---






また「バタフライ(蝶)形」はあくまでも蝶ネクタイの形の1つです。日本では、明治期に日本で普及し始めた蝶ネクタイのことを、「蝶型」や「蝶ネクタイ」という言葉で翻訳したため、「なぜ英語では butterfly ではなく、bow という単語が使われているの?」と疑問を持つ要因になっています。