Self-Tie BowTie Types, Tradiative series no.3,  Oblique End


This shape is designed with the tip cut obliquely. In modern times, Pre-tied-bow tie with Drop-bow-knot is used for schoolgirl uniform ribbons. As a Four-in-hand tie, it was called Knife-cut-tie and it is also a typical shape of Crossover-tie for tuxedo. By the way, the Crossover-tie are premised on pinning, so the dimensions are too short  to be tied.

How to Tie a ObliqueEnd
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ObliqueEnd/Basic Bow Knot
ObliqueEnd/Basic Bow Knot
ObliqueEnd/Tail Knot
ObliqueEnd/Basic Bow Knot
ObliqueEnd/Cross Bow Knot
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