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Self-Tie BowTie

A self-tie bow tie is a bow tie tied by hand.

The self-tie bow tie's paper patterns were improved in the 20th century to make it easy to tie a Basic-bow-knot .


Because this type is sewed in the shape of a butterfly beforehand, it can be tied relatively easily. It is best when you want to quickly materialize a Basic Bow Knot shape and its unique texture.


In the category within our brand, the Easy self-tie and the Short self-tie series fulfills this purpose (photo below).

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On the other hand, tracing back to its origin and history, the primary self-tie bow ties which were made in the late nineteenth century had elements of flexibility owing to the simple shaped patterns. You can create various tying knots with one bow tie and adjust the width with this type.


In our Brand, we see the essence of self-tie bow ties in these characteristics and made the Authentic series as reproduction bow ties.


Furthermore, we also offer the Tradiative Series which evolved from the Authentic series. “Tradiative” is a coined term that is a combination of Traditional and Creative.


Structure, Hardware.

The two most common types of bow ties are the Pre-tied and Self-tie bow ties. But there is also a third type, the Two-way bow tie that combines both functions. The Self-tie bow ties of BOWTIE SPECIMENS are also designed to fulfill the two-way type. You can remove the clasp without untying the knot, store it and wear it as pre-tied bow tie. (photo above).

      ホー ム                     コンセプト                    作り結び蝶タイ                手結び蝶タイ                   インスタ                     ショップ                   問い合わせ                     サイトマップ
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