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Pre-Tied BowTie  Square End

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The “Square end” is a generic term for designs which both ends of the bow tie are  rectangular shape. Historically, the relatively wider one resembles the butterfly figure, so it has also been called the Butterfly bow tie.

Small-Standard Square end
Small Butterfly
Narrow Square end
Standard Butterfly
Modern Butterfly
Classic Butterfly
Wide Butterfly
Parallel-narrow Square end
Cross-wings Square end
Long-hands-knot Square end
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Tiered Square end
Western Square end
Short-lavalliere Square end
Small short-lavalliere Square end
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      ホー ム                     コンセプト                    作り結び蝶タイ                手結び蝶タイ                   インスタ                     ショップ                   問い合わせ                     サイトマップ
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