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Pre-Tied BowTie  Square End

Design-pattern  Small-Standard Square スモール・スタンダード スクエア

End-shape  Square End     Type  Pre-Tied Bowtie

​Finished-Size  height:about 3cm     length:about 8.5cm

Small,Standard,Square,End,スモール,スタンダード,スクエアエンド,蝶ネクタイ,種類,ブランド,bow tie,history,pattern

Historical record, Fashion ------

The "Small-Standard Square End" bow tie is the smallest one in the Square ends. Because it is almost a horizontal line, it is distinguished from the curved "Small Butterfly".


This design can often be found in historical photos from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. It seems that there was demand as a bow tie size that fits in the narrow V-zone jacket and vest popular at that time. It seems to have been used as a Formal white tie as well.


You can make this bow tie using a Narrow-square-end, a self-tie bow tie by making a "Small bow knot". Historically, it seems that the pre-tied bow ties with a relatively loose knot were common.

歴史・流行 --------






Small,Standard,Square,End,スモール,スタンダード,スクエアエンド,蝶ネクタイ,種類,ブランド,bow tie,history,pattern
Small,Standard,Square,End,スモール,スタンダード,スクエアエンド,蝶ネクタイ,種類,ブランド,bow tie,history,pattern

Metropolitan Museum(US)


Philadelphia Museum of Art(US)

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