Unique dressing style 5.Crossover Tie Look

蝶ネクタイの結び方,結ぶ,蝶ネクタイ,専門店,ブランド,BOWTIE SPECIMENS,ボウタイスペシメンズ

How to set

1.Hung on the shoulder →2.Fold the wings

→3.Fasten with a Pin or Clip

→4.Fold the collar

(Wide-end bowties need to fold the end at the number3.)

Crossover,Tie,Look,bow tie
Crossover,Tie,Look,bow tie

Crossover Tie Look

This is a style to make it look like a Crossover tie by using a self-tie bow tie. You need pins or clips to fasten the cloth. Crossover tie is also called the Continental tie. 

how to wear,Crossover,Tie,bow tie

How to set

1.Hung the bow tie on the shoulder →2.Fold the wings

→3.Fasten it with a Pin or Clip →4.Fold the collar

 (for Wide-end bow ties, you need to fold the ends at step 3.)

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